Mine Vaganti NGO was responsible for the research on healthy lifestyle offer for the youth. The focus of research was on identifying the existing successful practices of education of young people to healthy lifestyles in all partner countries and within a multiplicity of sectors (Sport, NGO, fitness, nutrition). The dimensions explored pertained to participation in Sport, physical activity and healthy habits of food and beverage consumption.

Each partner organization collected 10 extant good practices and analysed the latter with a main focus paid to exploring opportunities of refinement and amalgamation (synthesis). On the grounds of the latter contribution, partner organizations developed a National Research Report detailing the existing good practices at the country level and providing insights about potential improvement as well as synergies.

National Research Reports provided the background for the Handbook.

Research on healthy lifestyle offer for the youth – Comparative Report

The coordinator of the handbook was the partner organization Mine Vaganti NGO, competent in the production of educational resources in the field of Sport.

The Handbook is a list of the existing good practices identified in the phase of research, complete with an assessment of the general state-of-the-art across partner countries and the different targeted sectors. The assessment of the state-of-the-art will be compounded by the provision of indications circa the potential refinement and contamination among country/sector practices.

In terms of target audience, the Handbook provides useful information for stakeholders within and outside the realms of Sport (Educational institutions, NGOs, experts, policy-makers etc.) as well as for interested young people. The Handbook will be promoted through thorough online and offline Dissemination.

From the perspective of the project, the Handbook is the background analysis on which partner organizations will rely for the production of a specific Training Format.

The Textbook was produced under the coordination of TREND-PRIMA, partner of the project. Its development will rely on the drafts filed by young people participating in the local trainings, compared, refined and further developed by the Consortium by means of international cooperation, led by MVNGO. 
The Textbook is a resource of practical usefulness for organizations working in direct outreach to young people (particularly youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds) in fields connected with young people’s health (Sport, NGO, fitness/nutrition) and interested in how to complement their specific areas of expertise/activity with a wider holistic focus on youngsters’ health encompassing the dimensions of Sport participation, regular physical activity and healthy nutrition. Development of the Textbook integrating the results of local work with the youth. Within the Textbook, organizations from different sectors (Sport bodies, NGOs, Educational institutions, fitness associations and facilities) will be able to retrieve information and methods to employ non-formal learning as an instrument of promotion of healthy lifestyles among the youth, with a focus on young people with fewer opportunities.